People of Sacramento commenting on the news: Introduction

Nathaniel Miller. Photo: Kevin Fiscus.
Nathaniel Miller. Photo: Kevin Fiscus.

Are you a big news consumer?

Do you have strong opinions about the news?

Are you passionate about Sacramento?

If so, you may be interested in participating in my personal project on news habits.

In May, in partnership with photographer Kevin Fiscus, I began publishing a weekly blog series on people who don’t work in journalism commenting on the news. It is inspired by this series from Melody Joy Kramer, formerly of NPR.

Hear more about the project in our appearance on the “Serious Talk. Seriously.” podcast.

I am interested in learning how the people of Sacramento consume news, how they feel about news and what they would change about news.

It’s one-part research, one-part work and one-part creative outlet.

Outside of sending an occasional email and sharing the posts on social media, I do all the work on the project in my free time.

Each post includes a portrait by Kevin, an introduction and answers to nine questions. Responses are submitted by email. While some answers may be one sentences, it’s important when replying to consider “and why?” Think deeply and explain. I have been told it takes between 45 minutes and two hours to answer the questions.

The answers are an opportunity to contribute to a constructive dialogue about journalism.

I will copy-edit, include links and embed relevant material.

We’ll then schedule a meeting in person and I’ll ask some additional questions in order to write a nice introduction. Separately, Kevin will arrange a time to take a photograph.

If you’d like to participate, use the form below or tweet me.


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